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Let’s get Animated 1.0

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Since tTweet 1his is my first blog for the website I will introduce myself. I will be your informant to the world of media on Mondays, world of technology of Tuesdays, world of websites on Wednesdays, world of tweeter on Thursdays, and world of facebook on Fridays. You must be thinking what do I mean by all this, I guess you will have to find out each day for an update on these blogs.
Tweet Thursday
Today, I will share one of the top tweets by Bill Gates about Dr. Hamid Jafari Director of WHO Global Polio Eradication Initiative who accomplished eradication of Polio in India and is now planning the same in Pakistan. The interview is very informative and conclusive of his methods to help Pakistan in diminishing Polio.

Save the Children

In the article one of the main reasons Dr. Hamid stated of Polio in Pakistan is inaccessibility to many areas and lack of knowledge about it. Hence, I feel informing you all about it will be a small step in the right direction. Help NGO’s reach these areas, spread the word, and aid Pakistan.
And that’s the way it is and I’m outta here ……

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