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Daybreak Addiction

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Daybreak Addiction


Having a rough morning??? So, make it more colorful with a cup of tea and switch on your TV. It’s time to become a couch potato and start watching your own favorite morning show. This is thinking of every other Pakistani woman.

Morning show culture has begun with great zest and zeal in Pakistan. Everyone is now running after having his or her own morning show. It’s more like starting your day with the stars instead of your family. As soon as you wake up you hear Utho Jao Pakistan, Good Morning Pakistan, Jago Pakistan Jago, Muskurati Morning, Subha Saveray Samaa k Sath, Ba khabar Savera and load more. This is what keeps ringing in your head throughout the morning.

Morning Shows are unique, entertaining, controversial, attractive and above all extravagant at the same time. No doubt they have groomed the housewives quite a lot, but they are not for the working women. These are only for a certain category of people.Moreover, women have now started copying the design and dresses of their favorite anchors. Their jewelry, their dresses and their style, everything is being copied. This morning show culture is spreading like a fire in every household.Now it’s up to you that how do you play with this fire 😉

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