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‘Animation’ – The Men World?

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sidrajamilWhenever a woman steps into an animation firm, men always joked, ‘This is the Men’s industry’. To which the women replied, ‘This is the Animation industry.’

Actually, there are a lot of women in animation, and their number has been rising ever since. As judged by anyone who walks into the industry, there isn’t an even breakdown of tasks between men and women. Just like an entomologist can observe the gender positions in an ant colony, we can view the animation industry the same way. Analysis of which shows, that it’s not the breakdown of tasks which is uneven, it is the regulations set up by the culture that creates the imbalance. Don’t you think?

The culture and system we are brought up in, makes the men define this as their world. They have set up their own parameters and working conditions confining it to a small world. It is always said that women cannot work as an animator because men have to stay back late and sometimes days go by without having a peak at the ray of the sunlight. So, women can’t cope up with such routines. Now, is that really how you work? Well, this is how you have made it to be, resulting in disapproving or restraining yourselves from offering an equal position to a woman.

Remember Lotte Reiniger? She towers in the history of animation as the first woman animator (early 19th century). Ever wondered how she made it up there? As working hours or methods were never pre-defined as of now.
Anyone with the love and enthusiasm for creating that illusion of movement is welcomed by this industry. Then why create unnecessary barriers? After all, it is an area of animation which has no real traditional hierarchy in which to fit, but provides more room for self-expression.

ThinkBox Communications believes in it being an animation industry instead!
So we welcome anyone with the thought beyond creativity. 😀

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